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Aerowinx (PSX)
Aerowinx (PSX)
Aerowinx (PSX)
Aerowinx (PSX)
Aerowinx (PSX)

Aerowinx (PSX)

Aerowinx Precision Simulator 10 (PSX) is a stand-alone flight & systems
trainer for professionals -- and for everyone interested in professional

Run a flight deck mockup by feeding several monitors through multimonitor graphic cards or through networked computers, or run a single computer for
solo training. Or network any combination that suits your needs. Panels can
be zoomed, panned, divided.

Precision Simulator models the combi, freighter, passenger, and ER variants
of the B744 series, and many selectable airline options.

  • Includes instructor screens

  • World-wide navigation database, global weather model, random traffic

  • Simulates over 500 malfunctions

  • Has all EFIS and standby instruments

  • Complete dual FMC model with FANS-1

  • CDU standby navigation

  • Smooth A/T, autopilot, F/D; exact mode logic

  • Flight control system logic, ratio changers; realistic, fine-tuned aerodynamics model

  • Accurate GE, PW, RR performance models

  • IRS, GPS, weather radar, navaid antenna effects

  • Comprehensive EICAS, EGPWS, TCAS, PWS etc.

  • Communications, ACARS, CPDLC, Voice-ATC, ATIS, PNF etc.

  • Electrical CBs, all distribution busses, supplying over 1000 simulated relays
    and devices with individual voltage-amperage modeling

  • Detailed fuel system with 2003-revision

  • Dynamic hydraulic and pneumatic pressure models

  • Ice and rain protection and thousands of other features!

System requirements:

  • Java version 1.8 Update 201 or higher. If Java is not already installed on your computer, it can be downloaded free of charge from java.com.

  • Apple OS X, or Microsoft Windows, or Linux or any other operating system that supports Java.

  • A monitor with at least 800 x 800 pixels. Undersized monitors can be used as well -- for example, to display certain small flight deck sections on networked monitors --, but the instructor screen will then be cropped, and should then be displayed on a second, suitable monitor.

  • Dual-core or multi-core microprocessor, running at 2.5 GHz or higher

  • 4 GB RAM or more

  • 3 GB free hard disk space

  • A keyboard, ideally one that includes a numeric keypad

  • A mouse, or any similar pointing device

Download and installation:

  1. Download the file PSX.zip (file size 461 MB) to the Desktop of your
    Windows or Mac OS X.
  2. On your Desktop, double-click PSX.zip to unzip it.
  3. The Aerowinx folder has appeared; the simulator is now installed.
  4. The file PSX.zip will be your backup; copy it to an external storage

Starting the simulator:

  1. Open the Aerowinx folder, find the file AerowinxStart.jar and
    double-click it.
  2. If your system reminds you that this file has been downloaded from the
    Internet and doesn't start it, right-click on AerowinxStart.jar to show a
    pop-up menu and click "Open" on that menu.

The Aerowinx Operations Manual provides further tips; it's in the Aerowinx
folder and is named Aerowinx Operations Manual.pdf. Open it by a

Customers can download free service updates from the Aerowinx 744 Forum at
http://aerowinx.com/board/ Prior registration is required. When you are
logged in, just go to the subforum "Updates".

For all technical questions please use the 744 Forum at aerowinx.com 

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