Flightdeck Solutions proudly presents a new line of Crew Seats! 

These replications are designed to deliver the functionality and robustness of their real aircraft counterparts but without the real aircraft price. 


  • Compatible with all FDS trainers and other branded simulators. 
  • Extra strong chassis made of super robust materials. 
  • Seat includes Straight Rails. 
  • Smooth Gas Spring vertical seat adjustment to 4". 
  • Built-in, fully adjustable back support with pneumatic control for those long flights and training sessions. 
  • Functional armrests that adjust for height, made of aluminum with precision machined components for durability. 
  • Genuine lambswool seat covers offer greater comfort and a higher level of durability. 
  • Includes accurate cloth seat-back map pocket (not shown). 
  • Designed and assembled in Canada. 
  • Personal weight limit: 400lbs. 
  • Option: head rest (not shown). 


Crew seats take an incredible amount of abuse in their day to day use. With FDS, there is no expense spared, with high grade aluminums, machined components and rigorous testing. Our high grade, genuine Lambswool Seat Covers make our crew seats look and feel just like the real deal! Colour options: Blue/Grey or Tan/Brown.

Our design engineers incorporated “Trucks” for attaching to our rails. Electronic vertical adjustment using a high grade servo driven design. Smart, safe and most importantly, robust! 


Please note, “J-Rail Version” seats are available here!

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