Flightdeck Solutions continues to re-invent and innovate the products required to deliver the highest levels in Flightdeck simulation. Our Proprietary Modular Nose Section design has been a core part of our full FBPTs for over a decade. 

No question the immersion portion of simulation is one of the biggest challenges in the proper implementation of a training or entertainment setup. Being able to set up in an average room, brought in through a normal sized door... All challenges that pose no problem for our design approach. The addition of interior Liners will instantly round out this package in a way that is ideal for any use.

The Modular Nose section resolves all of the previous issues faced by "old technology" design/production approaches in use and allows a high level of simulation and realism.


  • All Metal Design (Aluminum)
  • Developed from the Actual Aircraft modelled
  • Easily Shipped in a small and affordable Carton
  • Super Accurate Window shapes to create the perfect B737NG Setup
  • Assembles in a few hours with basic household tools
  • Designed to accomodate the PRO-MX and MX FDS Dual Seat Trainer and related items
  • Optional Interior Liners are available!! 
  • Raw Aluminum Finish

Dimensional Info as Follows:

  • Width at the Aft End is 8 Feet (2.44 meters)
  • Length Front to Back is 7 Feet (2.13 meters)
  • Height at Aft End is 6 Feet (1.83 meters)

Normal Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks

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Please note that the design focus of this product is to deliver an affordable structure to house a highly realistic simulator/trainer. External shapes are considered to be a low priority item as aerodynamic external shapes offer no enhancement to the simulation or its ability to train.

Shipping is easily arranged. The Shipping Carton is 60" x 48" x 18" and weighs approx 150lbs. Freight costs will vary and requires an estimate to be made. Most affordable Shipping is from FDS to the nearest Airport Shipping Depot. Customs Clearance and import taxes are the responsibility of the end user.