This highly detailed "PRO-MX" Series Replica Set is designed for our "Professional" and "High End Enthusiast Builder" customers. Designed to meet the highest levels of realism and attention to detail we feature our "Integrated Backlighting" Panels and a totally revamped Aluminum MIP with numerous new Structural elements included. This package is composed of the same parts we use for our B747 DSTD and Full B747 FBPTs.


  • Industrial Powder Coated for super durable finish
  • Aluminum Construction (Lightweight and very solid!)
  • Three Piece MIP Design
  • Accurate Foot Rests (Steel/Functional)
  • New Machined Display Frames and Lenses
  • New Machined ISIS/RMI
  • New Machined Clocks
  • FDS Proprietary IBL Main Panels (W/ Knob backlight capability!)
  • New Structural Components
  • LCD Monitor Support Shelf

Normal Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

Precision Laser Cut Components
All Aluminum parts are precision laser cut for accuracy.

LCD Mounting Shelf
Unique FDS design feature for simplified LCD Mounting. (FDS offers a fantastic LCD Holder that is custom designed for our MIP Monitor Shelf)

Machined Frames
Machined "ER/LCD" Style B747 Display Frames.


Optional Hardware Available Here

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