Delivering High Fidelity Flightdeck Components is a long standing tradition at Flightdeck Solutions. The new PRO-MX Series CDU device takes our goalline to a whole new level. Designed for our PRO Level Customers yet well within reach of all FDS Customers, we are confident that this key piece of your flightdeck is now available and up to any challenge.


  • COLOR VGA LCD (High Resolution/Wide Viewing Angle)
  • All Metal Construction (Bezel and Structural Components)
  • Dual Use Design (Drop in DZUS Rail Compliant and/or Desktop)
  • New Dimpled Injection Moulded Keys
  • Open Source Interface for Simple Integration with available CDU
  • Software (SDK Required)
  • PnP with PSX 
  • Dimmable Key Brightness
  • Dimmable LCD Display Brightness
  • Super Realistic Tactile Feel Keys (With Audible Click)
  • Includes Power Supply (VGA and USB Cables required)
  • Dimensions: 8.95" x 5.75" Footprint (Dzus Compliant)

Normal Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks

Our Built In HiRes COLOR VGA LCD delivers astounding graphic quality in all conditions. Wide Viewing angles make TFT Devices a thing of the past.

All Metal Bezel
When you are aiming to reproduce a device that must withstand years of heavy daily use, metal is the only way to go. The PRO-MX CDUs are made entirely of machined metal alongside laser cut metal plates.

Real Dzus Compliant
The PRO-MX CDUs feature real aircraft DZUS fasteners for secure and easy to remove mounting.

Custom Backlit Keys
The PRO-MX CDU units feature highly realistic backlit keys. Custom manufactured for the most accurate representation.

User Manual Here


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