The FDS-SYS2X interface card is designed to deliver the ultimate in interface power with a great deal of simplicity and intuitiveness. The days of having to be s software developer or code expert are virtually gone. The primary focus of the FDS-SYS2X card is for adding switch input capabilities to your interface setup. In conjunction with the SYS1X or SYS3X or the SYS4X the SYS2X card offers 128 switch inputs and is ideal for any medium to large project/setup. The SYS software is designed to make interfacing as simple as importing a function, simple search methods, ProSim737, FSUIPC, FS Direct, SIM-A, PM Systems, AST etc. As the user group expands so does the power of the interface. A dedicated Server for importing commands is now on line and slowly building up an inventory of imports.


  • Powerful Software For Simplified Configuration
  • "Import" Feature for super ease of use and Config Sharing
  • Professional PC Board Design
  • 128 Switches
  • Includes Prewired Connectors (Input and Output)
  • Includes an USB Connector
  • USB Plug and Play
  • No External Power Supply required
  • Direct Connect with Sim-Avionics and ProSim 737

Normal Lead Time: 3 - 4 weeks

 User Manual Here

 SYS Board Custom Software (Not required for Sim-A or Pro-Sim) Here 

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